The idea of Rural Solutions came from the challenges each of our division heads encountered in their own businesses. Some of us struggled with finding great team members, some of us knew enough about bookkeeping to make a mess of our records, and some of us really botched our IT. We also heard similar issues from our clients. There were countless times when we were asked if we knew of a good web designer or could recommend a great accountant. As we referred each other and other colleagues, we realized how much easier it would be for our clients to find the help and support they need all under one roof. With this idea, Rural Solutions was born. As outlined below, our services run the gamut of small business needs. Just as important is your agency when working with us. Our approach is simple and straightforward:

1. You can choose our services ala carte or in a bundle, whichever will serve you best.
2. You will never be locked into a long-term contract with us and there are no extra penalties for ending a service.

We work this way because we want you to have control over your business. When we work collaboratively, the best results are realized. This is how our team operated in their businesses; we want the same for you.

Our specialties include:
●IT & Tech 
●Accounting & Bookkeeping
●Executive Consulting 
●Assistance Human Resources

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